Special visas

Special visas are available for foreigners who are seeking political asylum in Chile on the grounds of persecution in their country of residence. The request must be presented in a letter addressed to the Interior Ministry Immigration Department.

Where to go

The Santiago immigration office, which you will need to visit at some point for all visas except tourist visas, is located near the Bellas Artes Metro station, at 580 San Antonio. To speak with an immigration officer, go to the office between 8:30am and 2:00pm. You’ll be given a number when you arrive, so it is best to arrive early. You do not need to make an appointment in advance.



This type of visa will be granted to foreigners that for personal security reason and considering predominant political conditions in their country of residence are forced to abandon it.


The request must be submitted, in a letter addressed to the Interior Minister, in the Department of Alien Status Office of the Interior Ministry or in the GOVERNMENT PROVINCIALES in the country.


To know more details regarding the refugees as well as the political refugees. You may see Law N°1094 and the Regulations of the Alien Status Office (article No 53 and next) in the paragraph LEGISLATION.

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